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Designing for How You Imagine Your Home Will Feel
Working with Louise Hasson, the chef/teacher of Bon Vivant Cooking School produced an amazing kitchen.  Select white maple cabinets crafted by Nygard's Custom Cabinetry were given a clear coat of melamine-modified polyester.  This finish gave Louise the protection of an automotive finish with the forgiveness of melamines to scratching.

Note the unusual top drawer configuration.  Mr. Landon's 100-Item Storage Analysis was key to determining this.  These drawers better hold Louise's plethora of small utensils and gadgets than standard 6" drawers in which items too often get buried under one another.

This visually rich environment fits the needs of Louise and her assistants and is truly her "dream kitchen."  For information about cooking classes, contact Louise Hasson at (206) 525-7537 or visit her website at www.bon-vivant.com.

Note the "chef's sink" immediately adjacent to the stove and the 4" diameter stainless steel utensil bins behind it, inset into the counter. 

A Viking Professional Range was an appropriate choice for this cooking school, as are the hand-painted tiles above.

The stainless steel hood is a custom design, created with and fabricated by the contractor, SG & Associates.

Stainless steel is also featured along the "Galaxy" granite counters (black with copper flecks), banding the combinations of slab and 12" x 12" tiles.

Contractor: SG & Associates. Cabinets: Nygard's Custom Cabinetry

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