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Richard P. Landon, CMKBD, NWSID
P.O. Box 7044 Bellevue, WA 98008-1044

Transform your living space! Contact Richard Landon for beautiful, functional, and even inspirational space planning.

Personal Note

I learn from my clients what really works for living spaces. In an ideal world, you would be able to download all my years of experience and use the knowledge, experience, and insight in them to design a space that would be truly your own, not some designer’s notion of what you should have.

That is at the heart of the “Richard Landon” feel. It is one key reason cited when a project is published: my client’s projects are distinctively their own.

-Richard P. Landon, CMKBD, NWSID

Special Note

To potential clients outside the Puget Sound region:

If you would desire to have Mr. Landon work with you in developing a design that will be uniquely yours and also “look great, work well, and feel right,” it is likely that you will discover that retaining him can frequently be justified because his processes are so effective and his solutions so exceptional.

Arriving at inspiring design solutions with clarity and timeliness is by itself, quite often, more than enough compensation for any extra expenses incurred.